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In which we wonder about why John Sadler had to die, discuss how hard it was to watch S03E09, and then explain mosaicism, chimerism and why mothers always have their children close to their internal organs.

Also: Shout outs to Tatiana is Everyone and Science Vs. Hollywood.

Enjoy the finale!


CSI Chimera Episode and Blaschko’s Lines:



Chimeras, Mosaics and Other Fun Stuff:



Blood Group Chimerism In Human Multiple Births Is Not Rare: (PDF File)

“Pregnancy may thus establish a long-term, low-grade chimeric state in the human female.”

Male fetal progenitor cells persist in maternal blood for as long as 27 years postpartum.


Y-chromosome DNA Is Present in the Blood of Female Dogs Suggesting the Presence of Fetal Microchimerism: (open access)

Tatiana is Everyone: An Orphan Black Podcast

Science Vs Hollywood




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